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The African Futures Academy was born out of a desire for high quality, future-oriented education with values for our children living in Africa. We always say that education is the key to success. We believe that depends on the type of education you receive. The outcomes of the quality of education you put into a child is what you will see in society twenty years later. Looking around at the world we live in, something, somewhere went seriously wrong. 

If we envision the kind of future we want to live in, we can work backwards and identify the kind of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will get us there.

We see a future where our children are safe, where they are part of communities that nurture them in a holistic way, where technology is designed for good and powered by renewable and sustainable energy, where people work together to bring benefit without discrimination, where there is enough for everyone and scarcity is not an engineered problem to manipulate the economy, where every child has the opportunity to fulfil their potential and realise their own personal African Future.

As communities, it is our duty to prepare our children for a future without us. Being able to give them a chance to succeed in Society 4.0, which is markedly different from where we find ourselves today, without being left behind is something we all need to contribute to.

In the spirit of Ubuntu, which means “humanity,” and often translates to “I am because we are,” we all have a duty to change what needs changing on this planet so that we can all prosper, starting with our own communities and our own children.  The African Futures Academy is something I have created for my own child and I want for your children what I want for my own.

This is a collective effort to bring about transformational change on the continent and I hope you will join us on this journey.


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